Like Looking in a Mirror: American auto repair businesses echo Canadians in parts and materials shortages – Collision Repair Mag

Washington, District of Columbia, Usa —  IMR Automotive Market Evaluation interviewed 500 unbiased auto restore retailers in America And located that it’s taking significantly longer to restore buyer automobiles Inside the wake of shopper shortages.

Very Similar to Canadian companies beneath the whim of parts and supplies deliveries, 85 % Of yank auto restore companies said restores are taking “Barely longer,” whereas The completely different 15 % said They’re taking “Tons longer.” 

The typical cycle time for car restores Inside the U.S. is a day-and-a-half longer than pre-pandemic data current, said IMR. 

Half of The corporations surveyed said They’re “frequently” experiencing disruptions in parts deliveries, whereas 34 % are “sometimes” having such factors. 

The very biggest three causes cited for delays have been delayed parts deliveries (46 %), parts distributor staffing shortages (41 %) and shortages of technician assist (25 %).