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How can we enhance contact time, or the Interval of time in a day we’re truly Engaged on any given car? To not be a sensible man stating The apparent, Neverthemuch less The reply is: work extra hours every day on it! Naturally, Which means not ready for issues: the estimator, parts, primer to dry, and so on.

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Let’s see what We’d do To diminish wait time and repair and ship The roles Barely faster.


Scheduling Might be In all probability the most difficult facet Of making a fixed circulate to facilitate contact time. Not enough work; too many practice wrecks; techs on journey; sudden tow-drops. And the itemizing goes on. What, if something, can we do to arrest the unpredictability of the workload? Schedule the work Based mostly on performance. Neverthemuch less, To Do this, we should know our performance.

Scheduling Might be In all probability the most difficult facet Of making a fixed circulate to facilitate contact time.

What are our common Daily billable hours? We now Want to know that quantity so We will multiply it by our cycle time objective After which Work out with certainty the candy spot between An extreme quantity of and too little work to have on the rightty. It’d be even greater To interrupt that quantity dpersonal further to complete physique and paint labor hours a day, After which by tech. This element permits us To regulate the schedule when Definitely one of our three physique techs is on journey. With 30% of our physique labor unout there, doesn’t it make sense to both A) regulate the schedule accordingly, or B) huddle up the reprimarying physique techs and inform them of some short-term OT. Do You’d like to choose “A”, then it might be sensible to furtherly huddle up the paint store and guarantee they’re Aware of a briefly diminished workload. This will permit them To Search out out if Now’s proper For his or her very personal Day off or to fill the hole with Each week’s worth of progress on the proprietor’s 1963 Impala enterprise. Either method, converse.

Furtherextra, it’s not enough to know our Daily labor hour common. For event, if We will produce 100 hours a day, We will’t schedule all facet mirror alternative jobs. It’s not Affordable to anticipate we’ll punch out 30 of these in a day, Whilst quickly as we had 30 to try. Likesensible, We will’t have 4 125-hour practice wrecks and assume we’ve acquired the week coated. We’d like stability Inside the workload, so we Have to segregate jobs by severity, mightbe into 4 packages:

  1. Lower than $1,000
  2. $1,000-$4,000
  3. $5,000-$10,000
  4. Higher than $10,000

Really, That is typically a bit subjective, Neverthemuch less it’s A spot To start, And also you’d possibly regulate As a Outcome of it Is sensible to your operation. The objective is to create a Daily stability Of labor by way of the physique techs that steadily feeds the paint store, the placeas primarytaining forward movement on The huge hits.

Naturally, scheduling Isn’t That simple. All of us know no battle plan survives contact with the enemy, and we have two We willnot administration: tow-drops and estimate sproperly. While the tow-drops Might Even be unpredictable, We will And will anticipate estimate sproperly by scheduling round 20% much less than our performance To permit for it.

That was An extfinished-winded rationalization of, “Plan the Work and Work the Plan.”

The Estimate

We already know that We willnot write An complete sheet On the curb. Nice, we settle for that and press on and get the car on the schedule. As quickly as we have the job Inside the store, we Have to do An complete disassembly and generate a full parts complement. This will be carried out by the physique tech who will finish the restore, or mightbe by a “teardpersonal group” depfinishing In your staff ranges and setup. Regardmuch less, it’s important that this is thotough so we don’t Want to circle again later and order extra parts. Each complement requires further labor and time to generate, order, acquire, look at and distrihowevere – not To say breaks the circulate and rhythm of the technicians, which finally influences contact time. Let’s try to get it as right as potential from The start. As quickly as the parts order has been acquired and verified, then the car can enter into manufacturing.

Body Shop Idiosyncracies

Presuming the tech can start The tactic and proceed with out interruption, it’s not unusual to see them create Their very personal interruptions, for event, Attempting to maximise A particular operation by “batching” them collectively. We now have all seen physique techs “batch-mud,” the place a quantity of jobs are toughed out and the physique filler is mixed in bulk and utilized To every job. The primary disbenefit with this method is Lack of focus and over-manufacturing. As a Outcome of the physique filler dries, Simply one car at a time Might be labored on and proceed by way of the store. Furtherextra, the time it took to tough out and prep a second and even third job has taken effort amethod from the first job – a job That would have already been Inside the paint store had the tech reprimaryed focused on it.

Each complement requires further labor and time to generate, order, acquire, look at and distrihowevere.

Talking of the paint store, is the physique tech ready for parts to be jambed or are parts painted off the automotive? There Might Even be strong colours the place it Is sensible to jamb and primarytain the sheet metallic Earlier to painting, however that’s the exception. Not solely will contact time and effectivity each enhance if the painter go tos the parts solely once, however A supplies financial savings Is usually understandd too. Clearly, this requires pre-becoming the parts, which Many aged-time physiquemen will object to, however I assume The rise in general velocity and effectivity Shall be a cprimarytaine They will embrace.

Parts are furtherly a supply of disrupted workcirculate for the physique tech. One might notice that a tailmild, for event, Is required at put-collectively To finish the job, but it Have to be out there Thtough the restore course of for becoming features as properly. If the tech should halt progress on one job And start anfullly different job in an effort To primarytain productive, contact time Is of course adversely affected. If this is the norm, then it’s straightforward to see why due dates and manufacturing schedules Aren’t taken critically. It’s solely when all parts have been acquired and rightly checked in that we know the physique tech can finish whOn They’ve started and get the job to the paint store.

Likesensible, once the job has been painted and despatched again to the tech for put-collectively, having All of the parts promotes proceedd effectivity of the tech. Do You’d like to Want to see joyful, productive physique techs, assist them be extra environment nice.

Colour Library

While not primarily growing The quantity of contact time We will obtain, A sprig-out color library will unequivocally velocity up the painter’s course of For chooseing One of the biggest color formulation. This permits for a faster circulate by way of the paint store, which paves The biggest method For An further automotive a day (OMCAD). Even if you solely understand a 50% enhance in OMCAD, do The money-math on that productiveness revenue!

Paint Shop

There are a quantity of strategies To enhance contact time Inside the paint store. Let’s start with priming a physique restore.

Six automobiles On the brink of be primed, a.k.a. batch-priming.

Most of us are Familiar with “batch-priming” On The prime of the day: taking the three or 4 jobs that just Got here to go to from the physique techs and feathering, masksing and priming All of them To permit them to dry in a single day. The primary set off we started doing this many years in the past was beset off 2K urethane primer/surfacer was displacing 1K lacquer primer. We went from A criticalr gun Full of lacquer primer On A daily basis ready To be used to the 2K product Which might harden in our weapons if it wasn’t cleared promptly. I guarantee you, many events throughout the paint store panorama, primer hardened in spray weapons till new habits shaped (i.e. clearing the primer gun immediately after priming). Thus, batch-priming was born. It restricted What quantity of events a day one needed To mix and spray primer and – just as important – What quantity of events one needed To wash their primer gun.

Do You’d like to Want to see joyful, productive physique techs, assist them be extra environment nice.

One of many nuances of batch-priming On The prime of the day was the little understood temperature requirement. If store circumstances fall under round 60 levels, then the crosslinking of The two-half-primers halts. Esdespatchedially, the product “goes to sleep” till Awakened by the temperature coming again up. Either we run the store furnace in a single day To take automotivee of A minimal of 60 levels, or we’re sanding on uncured product that has not stabilized and give up shifting. Most everyphysique now understands the temperature requirement, however not all.

Anfullly different adverse is The briefage of manufacturing required to allow the batch-priming operation. It takes toughly 25 minutes to rightly apply three coats of most primer surfacers, with A ten-minute flash after coats one and two. Add to thOn the time it takes To wash, feather and masks every car to prime, and the time To mix primer and clear up the spray gun, and we have simply misplaced 35 to 45 minutes of manufacturing per man collaborating Inside The tactic. All of us know 45 minutes is enough time To paint anfullly different car. What do you assume has a greater constructive influence on contact time, painting anfullly different automotive right now or priming three? I understand that Inside the micro, priming three versus one is extra environment nice for the priming operation, however Inside the macro, priming as you go and primarytaining on one car is extra environment nice for growing contact time and shiping A delicate circulate of automotives Daily Rather than getting a tphoto voltaicami on Friday.

We’ve seen 2K primer imrightly utilized in as little as seven minutes, and that lack of right flash time between coats creates further problems dpersonalstream. Primarily, sand scratch sproperlying displaying up later, requiring further work – typically slicing and buffing repeatedly as the scratches return Many events, till finally slicing by way of and needing to repaint. Or clearcoat degradation As a Outcome of of regularly reducing the film construct. We Can furtherly see dieagain and, in some circumstances, even delamination; right flash time Isn’t selectional For fulfillment here.

Do You’d like to insist on using 2K primer, then I might critically confacetr a refresher course in right primer software from the jobber or manuactualityurer And constructively one of the infrared curing utilized sciences to facilitate A critical-as-you-go regular working course of. I might further encourage using waterborne primer or UV primer Instead for The steadiness They current, As properly as to To maximise contact time.

UV curing know-how has superior to “time-machine” standing As a Outcome of it permits extra work to be course ofed in The identical Time physique.

Waterborne primer has limitations and is reversable, Neverthemuch less it does dry In a brief time And will Even be A great selection for smaller softwares. I’m notably Eager on UV primer And A pair of of the “time-machine” curing methods out there; It could actually take prolongeder to spray two coats of primer with right flash time than curing the UV primer and making it In a place to sand. And UV primer Will not ever harden up in your spray gun As prolonged as It is not uncovered to UV mild (collectively with the photo voltaic). This suggests We will primarytain A criticalr gun with an opaque cup loaded with UV primer and solely clear it once a day – And even once Each week. UV primers are ready-to-spray, so There’s not a mixing or overmixes. Confacetr the labor and supplies financial savings of that!

Parts Off the Car

We’ve alIn a place contacted on one revenue to the physique tech As quickly as we paint parts off the automotive As quickly as We will, however let’s look at a few extra. Not solely Can we understand a time-effectivity revenue As quickly as we mix sealer, color and clear once, we furtherly usually see a financial savings in consumption Of supplies when mixing and spraying one time; Nophysique mixes The Correct quantity Each time, so one mix means Simply one potential overmix.

Often, We will enhance the refinish hours Inside the gross sales space cycle by placing two automotives – or extra rightly the parts of two automotives – in On The identical time. The final phrase benefit of painting parts off the automotive brings us proper again To enhanced contact time. Pretty than painting half the half right now (the jamb) After which The fullly different half tomorrow, merely painting The complete half right now saved us a day of cycle time. We’re In a place To start out and finish the job In a single uninterrupted contact-time rhythm. And all we did was work extra hours of the day on it.