How much supplier disruptions are hurting repair shops – Auto Service World

Automotive restore retailers and their clients are feeling the influence Of worldwide current disruptions, a current survey suggests.

IMR Automotive Market Evaluation interviewed 500 indepfinishent automotive restore retailers in America And located it’s taking longer to service and restore automobiles, inflicting delays in ending jobs and reflip automobiles to clients.

For event, Each respondent said it’s taking them extra time To finish jobs — 85% said, “Barely longer,” whereas the remaining 15% said, “Tons longer.”

In flip, The typical fliparound time for a car is a day-and-a-half longer than it Was.


Half of all retailers said they’re “frequently” having disruptions in getting the parts They Want to service automobiles. Greater than A third (34 per cent) are “someevents’ having such disruptions.

The very biggest three causes for The rise in restore events cited by restore retailers have been delays Partially deliveries (46 per cent), half distributors are brief on drivers (41 per cent) and a briefage of technicians (25 per cent).

As a Outcome of of relays, 74% Of retailers have informed clients that they Ought to wait longer

for an appointment to convey their car in for service.